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Healthy Blue benefits

Doctor with child

We help make sure you and your family get all your NC Medicaid benefits. Plus, Healthy Blue members get extra benefits at no cost!

What you get with Healthy Blue

doctor visits illustration

Doctor visits

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Vision care

As a Healthy Blue member, you get all of your Medicaid benefits and services, including:

  • Primary care provider (PCP) visits
  • Immunizations and wellness visits
  • EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment) services for members under 21
  • Maternity care
  • Hospital care
  • Lab and X-ray services
  • Home health and personal care services
  • Hospice care
  • Emergency and urgent care
  • Specialty care
  • Behavioral health services (Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services)

See your member handbook for a full list of benefits. All services must be medically necessary.

Your benefits include a wide range of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medicines. We can even deliver your medicines to your home. We work with IngenioRx to provide these benefits.

Visit the pharmacy page to find a pharmacy near you and check if your medicine is covered.

Go to the Pharmacy page

Your benefits include routine eye exams and eyeglasses, if needed.

Find an eye doctor

You can get no-cost rides to and from your appointments. Visit the Transportation page to learn more about setting up a ride.

Go to the Transportation page

If you have a certain health condition or disability, you may need help with day-to-day activities, like eating, bathing or doing household chores. You can get the help you need through Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS). LTSS includes services like home health and personal care services. You may get LTSS in your home, community or in a nursing home.

If you need LTSS, you may have a care manager on your care team. A care manager is a specially trained health professional who works with you and your doctors and other providers of your choice to make sure you get the right care when and where you need it.

If you are leaving a nursing home and are worried about your living situation, we can help. Our Housing Specialist can connect you to housing options as needed. Call Member Services at 1-844-594-5070 to learn more.

If you have questions about using LTSS benefits, talk with your PCP, a member of your care team or call Member Services at 1-844-594-5070.

Managing your health care alone can be hard, especially if you are dealing with many health problems at the same time. If you need extra support to get and stay healthy, we can help. As a member of Healthy Blue, you may have a care manager on your health care team. A care manager is a specially trained health professional who works with you and your doctors to make sure you get the right care when and where you need it.

Learn more about care management

We know that health care is more than just doctor visits. As a Healthy Blue member, you get no-cost extras to help you live your best. Contact Member Services to learn more about these value-added services. Note: Some benefits have eligibility requirements.

Pregnant women and new moms

  • Breastfeeding support kit
  • Safe sleep kit
  • Rewards for going to doctor visits
  • Community baby shower

Food and housing for eligible members

  • Extra benefit each month for food ($40 value)
  • Hotel after hospital stay (up to $500 value)
  • Help with moving expenses (up to $500 value)
  • Help with rent and bills (up to $200 value)
  • Home repairs (up to $1,500 value)

Invest in your future

  • GED exam voucher ($160 value)
  • Old Navy® or Footlocker® gift card for 11th-12th graders with 3.5 GPA and up
  • School supplies for students age 6-18 (up to $50 value)
  • 24 hours of free tutoring


  • Lyft/Uber gift card
  • Rides to the doctor and pharmacy

Active and healthy lifestyle

  • Weight Watchers® vouchers (13 weeks)
  • Boys & Girls Club or other youth club membership
  • Help paying for after-school sports and activities (up to $150 value)

Behavioral health support

  • Virtual reality pain management
  • Up to 12 acupuncture treatments
  • Up to five extra visits to the chiropractor
  • Medicine safety kit with lockbox and pill case

Long-term services and supports

  • Up to 10 rides to personal appointments
  • Sensory toys (up to $100 value)
  • Scale, blood pressure cuff and more
  • Alzheimer’s/dementia toolkit

When you sign up for our Healthy Rewards program, you can get paid for staying on top of your health. We’ll load money onto your own Healthy Rewards account when you complete a qualifying healthy activity, like going to your doctor for a wellness visit.

Member resources

We want you to understand your benefits and receive the best possible care. Here are some resources to help.

Get the most from your benefits

Member Services

Have questions about your benefits? Call 1-844-594-5070 (TTY 711). You can also log in to your account to send us a message at any time.

Send us a message

Member handbook

Complete benefit information can be found in your member handbook.

24/7 NurseLine

Need to talk with a nurse?
1-844-545-1427 (TTY 711)